Meet the Emoticons mod!

Emoticons is a Minecraft mod which adds custom player animations and emote system with over 35+ emotes to Minecraft.

Special thanks to Andruxioid!

Custom player animations

Emoticons replaces default player model with boring animations with its own model system which allows fluid animations combined with limb bending.

With this mod, you can make your Minecraft gameplay look more alive!


Besides adding custom animations to players, it also adds a couple of dozens emotes which can be activated by pressing dedicated key binds.

You can bind up to 4 emotes from available list of emotes for faster access during the game!


Q: The mod says it was built for another user. Help?
A: You probably haven't read the instruction below, and haven't generated an access key. Go watch the installation video or read the instruction. Besides, since 0.2.1, Emoticons tells you exactly what's went wrong on the crash screen.

Q: Can you add custom music to emotes?
A: No, because I have no time/skill to make cool tunes for every emote, and if I use the original audio that would be illegal. However, you can make your own custom resource pack or place add the sounds to Emoticons' jar, and replace the emoticons sound events.

Q: I don't like Emoticons' animations, but emotes are very cool. Can I disable them?
A: You can disable them in 0.2.1 in the emote configuration menu.

Q: I'm playing with my friends on the server, and why I can't see them emote, or they can't see me emote?
A: In order to see other people emote, the server must also install the mod. No mod on the server, no people emoting.

Q: Can you add support with mod X?
A: No, I won't add support with any other mods. This mod was made for fun, I don't want to turn it into my job.

Q: Can I add custom emotes myself?
A: No, you can't.

Q: Will you upgrade mod to 1.7.10, 1.8 or 1.9?
A: No, those versions are not supported by Forge, and generally dead.

Q: Will you upgrade mod to 1.10.2 or 1.11.2?
A: Only if there will be a demand.

Q: Will you upgrade mod to 1.13 or up?
A: Most likely once Forge for 1.13 or above will come up.


First, download the latest version of Emoticons mod jar from CurseForge, and install it the same way as any Forge mod.

If you'll run into issues (bugs or crashes), you can report either on Twitter or on my Discord server. Here is a mirror link, in case if CurseForge widget goes down.