Generate an access key

In order to use Emoticons mod, you have to generate an access key file. Simply enter your Minecraft username or UUID of your account in the text field below, and press Generate button.

This will download a text file called user.txt (don't rename it, and make sure it's named exactly user.txt). Drag it over to .minecraft/config/emoticons/ (create emoticons folder within .minecraft/config/ folder if necessary) and that's basically it.

For example: McHorseYT

This needs to be done only once (if you have several game directories, you need to copy files there too). If you'll run into issues (bugs or crashes), you can report either on Twitter or on my Discord server.

You might ask, "why you made it work like this?", and the answer is quite simple. If ever heard of Stop Mod Reposts campaign, then you know there are mod repost websites which are stealing Minecraft mods. This is an experiment to see if this will deter those websites.

By the way, if you came here to download the mod jar and repost it on your website... good luck dealing with user complaints.